As founders and owners of our company, we broke off from a group of friends with a common interest in role-playing games. Beyond role-playing, we were keen players of boardgames in our pastime, as a leisure activity. In addition to this, all of us are seriously interested in matters of history, military campaigns and battles, and - owing to our background in mathematics - we find the simulation of real-life historic events a compelling challenge. In modelling these into a virtual world - the world of boardgames -, we rely on the help of numbers, while playing careful attention to balanced gameplay.

We began shaping our first boardgame concept around 2010 in our free time, at the time only at amateur level. Over time, these first ideas developed into specific game plans with concrete substance. As early as these initial phases, we strived to put plans for our own games into practice and see our old dream come true: our rudimentary ideas and concepts developing into marketable games popular with the public.

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Heroes of Limanowa became the first game we decided to accomplish because it stood out from the rest of our other concepts. Since 2015, we have been working on designing this game in cooperation with the company Digitális Legendárium, who have made a high-quality animated detail portraying military operations that took place in the region of Limanowa in historic detail. Beginning from then, we have devoted major efforts to the development and testing of the game. As a result, we can now hold a completed boardgame meticulously crafted and graphically designed to the last detail. In the next step, we are endeavouring to realise the game's mass production and publication. To reach this goal, we have enlisted the help of Kickstarter, where we hope to make this plan a reality with input from the boardgame community.